Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Trip to Vellithiruppur - The Big Adventure

A few weeks ago, we made a visit to a forest reserve near vellithiruppur. We thought this could be fun and Adventurous, and Yes it was! This place can be reached within a hour from my home. One of my father's acquaintances had a house and a farm just outside the reserve (photo given below):

In search of elephants:
We reached there in the afternoon. We had lunch with them, rice and stuff, it was good.  Around 3pm, we left to begin our  Big Adventure in search for Elephants! The forest reserve had elephants, peacocks, rabbits and deers.

 It was a sunny day. We wandered though the reserve hoping to see an elephant or a deer. Seeing an elephant in the Wild is more than seeing them at a Zoo or a temple.  There were no tall trees, but short thorny  trees and bushes. So we had to walk with the hot sun pressing down on us.

We found them! No..wait….. What?
After walking for more than a hour, we were exhausted. And finally we found something:

That's right.. We found Elephant Drop!! That was disgusting. But Still I had a little sense of achievement. I did enjoy wandering around the reserve and also being in the farm. We could have seen elephants if we had waited for one more hour, elephants would come near the farm to drink water. But then that could be dangerous and it was already late and yeah we were exhausted too.

Tiger Tracks:
During our adventure, we found a few of these tracks:

No, it's not a Tiger. Cows used to come here to graze, they make these misleading footprints. Or it could be deer's. We often found bones of deer around. What could have eaten them??

Back in the farm, around 5pm, we quenched our thirst with loads of coconut water (elaneer).

 Later we played with the farmer's dogs, most of them puppies. And thus we concluded our adventure pleasantly, without being chased by an elephant….

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