Sunday, 30 October 2011

Trip to Pannavadi - Long and Empty

This time i went to pannavadi with my family. Its 12km from Mettur and its a part of stanley reservoir.
It felt like a big place of  emptiness only filled with endless wind and large water surface. By the time we reached there, it was 6pm, so we missed a few things like boating, fish fries and Dosas. I think this place is awesome for spending a day peacefully 

Back to home
The journey back home was even more interesting. I was driving the car on a thin road without road lights. The only light other than the car’s was the repeated lightnings of the rainy clouds. But we were lucky that it wasn’t raining. There were no other vehicles on the road, which added up to the thrill ride.

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Diwali Fireworks - Clicks

What i love about Diwali is that most of the people are at their peak of happiness during this time. It is a joy to watch the kids getting excited with doing the fireworks. I am sharing some pics of Diwali fireworks here:

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trip to Kodiveri

The Kodiveri dam is located 10 kms from Gobichettipalayam and 40 kms from my home. It takes 45 mins to drive to this place from my home.
Safe Waterfalls, not-so-deep water and boating makes this place wonderful for a family enjoyment. If you ever wonder where to take kids during holidays, this place is perfect for you.
Towards the Waterfall

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Trip to Yercaud

           On 28/8/2011 (Sunday) , I visited a beautiful hill station called Yercaud, which was more like a family trip. Yercaud is situated in Salem, Tamilnadu and it’s just a 2.30 hour travel from my home. I captured quite a handful number of photos while i was there (almost 400 photos!). I selected a few best looking ones to post it here. Have a look at them..
Enjoying my time


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Trip to vatamalai

Vattamalai ("vatta" - circle, "malai" - hill) is only 7 km away from my home.
It has a temple on its top. You can see the aerial view of my town from here.

Things i like about Vattamalai:
  • The wind blows heavily and continuously,
  • Calm and peaceful,
  • Perfect place to relax( i feel like i wanted to come to this place every sunday).

Vattamalai Temple

Trip to Munnar

This was a 2 day family trip to Thekkadi and Munnar of Kerala. We hired a car and a driver ( now i can self-drive) for the trip. Things that i loved about the places:

  • Cool weather with a pinch of calmness,
  • Green scenery filled with mist,
  • Elephants and their playfulness,
  • Speed boating filled with excitement,
  • Egg masala served in almost every restaurants.

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